Star Trek: Horizons

Epidsode 103
All the King's Men...

The junior staff discover that most of the bridge crew has been killed, the captain is comatose and their ship’s counselor is missing.

They decide on a new chain of command and assign/reassign the surviving crew members to begin rebuilding on the heavily damaged Lakota (which barely has any weaponry or shields operable and no warp power). Much to the chagrin of some of the crew members, it was decided to allow the Borg command of Engineering due to his experience and skills.

Slowly, the Lakota begins crawling back towards the wormhole and to the Alpha Quadrant…

Epidsode 102
The Mirror With Two Faces

The Lakota yet picks up another distress call; this time it is from a Starfleet scientific outpost. The residents on the planet have the Starfleet scientists hostage and demand weapons and technology. The Lakota crew are sent down to negotiate or deal with them however necessary. However the deal does not work out and a firefight ensues.

The crew manages to find the lab only to discover they were experimenting with dimensional travel. Apparently the hostile residents were from the Mirror Universe that escaped from it and were desperately trying to stay in the current universe they inhabited.

An explosion at the lab occurs forever destroying the lab with its dimensional technology in it. Whether anyone else escaped from the Mirror Universe or not is unknown.

Oddly, when the mission was complete, the away-team could not be beamed aboard the Lakota. The manage to find a way back on board via shuttle but now they realize they have been attacked by hostile aliens and that the Senior Bridge Staff has all but been murdered!

Episode 101

The crew of the Lakota start their journey from Deep Space Nine and cross the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.

Eventually, they come across a distress signal from a planet. They soon discover wreckage of a Borg probe on the surface on the planet and find a surviving Borg drone cut off from the Collective.

Bringing a Borg drone back on the Lakota tended to split the crew. However, some members of the crew, despite their feelings, help try to integrate the drone back into humanity.


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